Rusty is our dog.

He is super great.

He is a golden retriever that you will see every so often mentioned in posts. I got Rusty from the shelter in 2010 right before his first birthday. When I took him home he was skin and bones, and very fearful. He was afraid of fast movements, doorways, mailboxes, garbage cans, shadows, loud noises, water, brooms… well Rusty used to be afraid of most things.

But he is slowly learning that the world is not out to get him. It has been nice to see him warm up and come out of his shell. He is a great dog and teaches me and my husband to slow down and be patient. Life with Rusty has been a great learning opportunity for both of us.

He loves other dogs and going to the dog park. Most of the time he is mellow, gentle, and quiet, just hanging out with us. He is hilarious. His demeanor and facial expressions are something I have never seen in any other dog.  He lets me take pictures of him with glasses or hats or whatever… he is so easy going.

I love this goof ball dog… a lot.


rustyhis first time at the beach.

rusty and aaronThanksgiving snow in bend.

Thanks for visiting.




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